It’s About Life

This Is How The Circle Of Life Works:

This Is How The Circle (Or Non-Circle) Of Plastic Works.

Plastic Can:

Giving plastic the chance to live again would be super cool,

because here’s the thing:

It can save armies, serve as a limb, support disaster victims. Plastic is an incredible material.


It has somehow made it’s way into our streets, toothpaste, water, clothes, toys, etc.

and it’s life doesn’t need to end.

Plastic is made of oil, and we are running out. If we keep wasting it, there won’t be any plastic left to use for good. (And who knows what the earth will look like.)

Plastic is an end-of-life product. It will keep piling up until we send it elsewhere—until we decide we don’t want to end life.

so here’s how we save life:


The Everyday

To Reduce Death →



To Create Life →


The Petition

To Save New York →

And Listen:

Making a difference is a piece of cake.